Popular Hotel Review Methods

Hotel reviews are a great way to let people know about your stay. Here are some popular reviewing methods:

  • Review Online – This is likely the most popular way to review hotels at present. There are dozens of online review platforms that encourage past hotel guests to leave comments, stories, and tips for people who are considering stayinhotel-238506_960_720g at the hotel in the future. Hotels take these reviews very seriously, and you should do so as well. Remember to keep online reviews accurate and fact-based in order to help future guests know what to expect when they stay there.
  • Leave a Comment Card – Filling out the comment card most hotels provide for guests in their rooms is the most direct way to leave feedback. As it is the method the hotel has chosen to receive reviews, you can be fairly certain they will read your comments and take them to heart.
  • Speak to the Manager – If you want to leave verbal feedback for a hotel, try speaking to the person in charge. The hotel concierge can typically put you in contact with the best person to receive your comments. Sometimes comments or issues are best resolved in person during your stay, and speaking to a hotel manager can help you solve any problems you may have on the spot.
  • Share on Social Media – Had an outstanding experience? Share it with your friends and family on social media. Social media is one of the most popular ways to review products and places these days. If you stayed at a hotel and you want everyone to know, sharing a link to the hotel and a short description of why your followers should check it out is a great way to review a hotel. While the hotel staff may not see your comments directly, the increased business and web traffic is sure to make them happy.